Sisyrinchium californicum, Yellow Eyed Grass

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Blue eyed grass
This fast growing plant grows up to one foot high and six inches wide.  It goes dormant in the summer.  Yellow flowers bloom in the spring and summer.  Yellow Eyed grass can be found up north and where the winters are wet and summers are cool.  
Plant with: 
Glossyleaf Manzanita (Arctostaphylos nummularia), Thrift Seapink (Armeria maritima), Ceanothus speciesGiant Chinquapin (Chrysolepis chrysophylla), Yerba Buena (Clinopodium douglasii), Woodland Strawberry (Fragraria vesca), Gowen Cypress (Hesperocyparis goveniana), Monterey Cypress (Hesperocyparis macrocarpa), Alumroot (Heuchera species), Twinberry (Lonicera involucrata), Lodgepole Pine (Pinus contorta), Bishop Pine (Pinus muricata), Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata), Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla), and California Huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum)
- Best in part shade
- Regular moisture in winter through spring until it flowers
- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks
- Great in containers
- Drought tolerant once established