In Store Pickup

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have closed the shop to protect our staff and customers. That doesn't mean we have shuttered completely. As long as we are able to access the shop, the garden still needs tending and we can pull online orders for pick-up Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 11 to 2
Sat/Sun from 9:30 to 2PM. 

If you have any questions please email or call the shop at 323-474-6842

Instructions for placing an online order for Pick Up

Browse an up to date selection of plants on our website. Inventories are live for the items located at 3350 Eagle Rock Blvd.

Place items in your cart.

Select a day and time for pick up in the cart and proceed to checkout. (Please allow time to pull the order before you arrive. We should have no problem pulling the order within a half hour but please be courteous at this time)

Enter your contact information. In the Shipping Address Fields leave Plant Material's physical location as the Shipping Address. We are not currently shipping anything with the postal service. 

Proceed to Payment page and complete payment. 

The order will be pulled and ready for you in a secure location at the entrance of the Shop. No human contact is necessary but we are happy to greet you at a  safe distance and field any questions you may have. Please respect your pick up time to ensure the safety of others. We will contact you to adjust your pick up time if it overlaps with another customers. 

Currently delivery service is suspended but do contact us with any request that we may be able to assist on. Any order will help us get through this uncertain time financially.

Thank you,

Plant Material