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SHOWA 4552 Gloves
SHOWA 4552 Gloves
SHOWA 4552 Gloves
SHOWA 4552 Gloves

SHOWA 4552 Gloves


Engineered with SHOWA’s Eco Best Technology® (EBT), this planet-friendly milestone in glove innovation is ideal for many applications across a range of industries.


  • Biodegradable Eco Best Technology® within liner and coating
  • Lightweight, seamless 15 gauge polyester liner
  • Sponge nitrile palm featuring oil absorbency properties


  • Eco Best Technology® enables the glove to biodegrade once disposed of in landfill
  • Protects the hand from oils, grease and abrasion
  • Provides good grip in oily and dry conditions
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Manufactured using an ergonomically designed hand mould that replicates the natural curvature of the human hand - thus reducing hand fatigue and increasing productivity and dexterity
  • Seamless for optimum comfort
  • Breathable back of glove
  • Made in USA