Cissus rotundifolia (sea grape vine)

Cissus rotundifolia (sea grape vine)

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Sea Grape Vine

A climbing vine that can reach the height of ten feet in a container.  If planted outdoors this plant can reach up to thirty feet high and wide.  It will resemble a shrub or tree.  It produces edible fruit in mid summer that resemble grapes.  White flowers bloom in the spring and summer.  The leaves can grow up to one inch.  Immature leaves are red and mature into green leaves with red veins.  Multiple trunks can grow and the trunks can be pruned and trained to grow from one trunk.  It is best to prune this plant in mid summer.  

- Best in full sun or partial shade, bright indirect light indoors

- Keep away from cold drafts

- Prefers well drained sandy soil

- Plant likes to be consistently moist 

- Drought tolerant once established

- Non toxic