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California native Salvia apiana
California native Salvia apiana 1 gallon
Salvia apiana (white sage)
Salvia apiana (white sage)
Salvia apiana (white sage)

Salvia apiana (white sage)


California native White Sage

Tongva - kasili
Kumeyaay - pellytaay
Chumash - khapshikh
Cahuilla - qas'ily
Serrano - qaaq w c

A  fragrant evergreen perennial that grows up to five feet.  The foliage is silver with soft, gray-white leaves of white.  The white flowers with a little lavender bloom April through July.  This sage can take up to three years to reach a mature size. 

White sage is said to be one of the best plants for honey production.  The leaves are used for incense and smudging.  You can also make a calming tea.  

Plant in full sun to light shade

- Best in well-drained soil, tolerates sand and clay

- Attracts birds

- Hardy up to 15 degrees

- Native to California