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Rosa californica (Cali. Rose)
Rosa californica (Cali. Rose)
Rosa californica (Cali. Rose)

Rosa californica (Cali. Rose)


California Rose

Kumeyaay - kwa'ak
Chumash - washtiq'oliq'ol
A shrub that grows up to ten feet tall and wide.  It has fragrant red, white, and pink flowers that bloom Spring through Summer.  It is deciduous in the Winter.  The rose hips are said to contain more calcium vitamin c, iron, and phosphorus than oranges!
It is best to prune in the winter.  The plant can be cut down to the ground.  The roses spread by rhizomes and can sometimes be invasive.  This can be controlled by root barriers or edging. 
- Plant in full sun, shade, or part shade

Tolerates clay but does best in heavy clay soil

- Water three times a month once established

- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks

- Hardy up to -10 degrees

- Deer resistant

- Attracts birds, bees, and butterflies

- Native to California