Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral Current

Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral Current

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Scientific name: Ribes malvaceum

Common name: Pink Chaparral current, Gooseberry

A summer deciduous shrub that grows up to six feet high and five feet wide.  It is native to the San Clemente Island.   During late winter and early spring pink flower clusters bloom.  It is best to prune after flowering, the plant can be pruned at any time during the year as well.


- Plant in full sun to light shade

- Best in well draining soil

- Moist to dry soil

- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks

- Fragrant foliage

- Drought tolerant once established

- Fire resistant

- Great for erosion control and bank stabilization

- Hardy up to 35 degrees

- Attracts bees, butterflies, birds, and hummingbirds

- Native to California