Red Pig Garden Tools Hori Hori Trowel
Red Pig Garden Tools Hori Hori
Red Pig Garden Tools Hori Hori Trowel
Red Pig Garden Tools Hori Hori

Red Pig Garden Tools Hori Hori Trowel

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Red Pig Garden Tools Hori Hori Trowel

This trowel, inspired by the Japanese hori hori knife, was first made as a custom order for a garden club. For a few months, we had some extras remaining in stock and found that many other people we'd meet at garden shows or who stopped into the retail store seemed to liked it too. Nothing beats a good Japanese style hori hori with a high carbon blade for its purpose of digging and cutting, and that is why the hori hori is one of the few tools we carry and offer online that we do not make. 

However, our Red Pig Hori Hori trowel is a good alternative with the added function of offering cutting edges with a small, shallow trowel. Our blade is a mild-to-medium steel and will need some hand sharpening after a good deal of use.
The Red Pig Hori Hori trowel combines some of the function of a traditional hori hori - a serrated cutting edge and a smooth ground cutting edge opposite - and adds a slight cup to the blade for scooping and moving small amounts of dirt. The wooden handle is riveted in place between an open socket.

Red Pig offers a lifetime warranty on all products.  All Red Pig tools can be sharpened by hand using a file, and have been tested by real world use for many years by expert gardeners. 

Product Details:

- Hand forged steel

- Hickory Handle

- Made in USA

- Total length: 13"
- Handle length: 5.5"

- Balde width: 2"
- 13.7 ounces
About Red Pig tools:

Red Pig makes the highest quality garden tools in the United States the old fashioned hand. They use steel, fire, anvil, American hickory and ash handles, and good, honest sweat. These handcrafted garden tools are stronger, sharper, and will last longer than any others you can buy, and they are made right here in Oregon, USA.

We ship garden tools anywhere in the United States.