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Pothos N’joy
Pothos N’joy

Pothos N’joy


Basic Pothos Plant Care:

  • Light: Arguably the most attractive aspect of pothos plants is that they require very little light, allowing them to live in dimly lit homes and office environments. Keep your pothos in a room with any sort of light, and it will likely be just fine.

  • Water: Pothos require water every now and then, but they can deal with drought and don’t mind an inconsistent schedule. Wait until the soil is completely dry or you notice drooping, and then water thoroughly.

  • Soil: These plants aren’t picky. Any standard potting mix will suffice.

  • Fertilizer: Similarly, any average fertilizer will work for pothos plants, perhaps every other month or so, but fertilizer isn’t a necessity.

  • N-Joy Pothos: Has smaller leaves than standard pothos plants that are split between white and solid green, another slower growing variety.