Organic French Breakfast Radish - Raphamus sativus Seeds

Organic French Breakfast Radish - Raphamus sativus Seeds

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 Organic French Breakfast Radish Seeds

Also known as Radis Demi-long Rose a Bout Blanc, of obvious French origin. This attractive radish captures the eye with its showy scarlet red roots with a white tip. This top quality variety has a mild sweet spiciness. This early producer needs to be harvested young or it may turn pithy. Great for dipping, in salads or try a French treat by placing them atop a buttered baguette for a "tartine." The French are also know to spread butter on lengthwise sliced French Breakfast and lightly salt them. The greens can also be used to spice up a salad. Both roots and leaves are also great in a stir fry as well as sautéed. If the plants pass optimal root eating age, you can let them flower and enjoy the young mildly spicy seed pods as snack, salad addition or thrown into a stir fry. The delicate flowers are quite beautiful and attract many pollinators. 

  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Annual
  • Sun: Partial- Full
  • Direct Sow: When soil is workable
  • Seed Count: 100
  • Days to Maturity: 25-30
  • Plant Size: 5"-6"

Growing Tips:

Keep soil moist while seeds are germinating. Add mulch at base to retain water. Do a successive planting every 3-4 weeks for constant supply. Seeds should be directly sown into the soil. They do not want their roots disrupted and want to be able to send them down as soon as they are planted. 

Organic French Breakfast Radish - Raphamus sativus