Nolina parryi, Giant Nolina

Nolina parryi, Giant Nolina

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Giant Nolina

A California Native succulent that can reach up to seven feet high and four feet wide. It has white flowers that bloom in the spring through summer.  This plant is drought tolerant and can withstand long dry summer temperatures without any water.

Plant with: In Desert settings, Joshua Tree, Apricot Mallow, Desert Brittlebush, Creosote Bush, Desert Agave, California Juniper, Pinyon Pine and Rush Milkweed. In chaparral settings, San Diego Viguiera, California Buckwheat (ssp. polifolium), Salvia spp, and Ceanothus species.

- Plant in full sun

- Best in fast draining rocky soil

- Hardy up to 25 degrees

- Attracts birds and butterflies

- Deer resistant

- Native to California

 Tongva - asmuur
Cahuilla - panu'ul