Muhlenbergia rigens, Deer Grass 1 Gallon

Muhlenbergia rigens, Deer Grass

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Size 1 Gallon

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Deer Grass

This fast growing California Native grass grows up to five feet high and four feet wide.  The narrow leaves and long silver-gray flower panicles that arch gracefully two to three feet over the gray-green foliage in late summer.  This is one of the easiest California bunch grasses to grow.  This plant produces a pollen that can produce an allergic reaction.

The grass can be left alone for a natural look but looks best when cut back in May or June to allow fresh new foliage to emerge. This is an extremely adaptable plant that can grow it hot dry xeric gardens as a companion to native or other mediterranean climate plants or can be used in the occasionally to regularly irrigated meadow.  It is a warm season grower.

Deer grass grows on banks of seasonal creeks, along roads or in gullies where the runoff forms in winter.  Use it in dry stream beds, along driveways or along the street edge to slow the runoff.

-An easy California Native to grow in the Los Angeles area!   

- Plant in full sun to light shade

- Once established, can go the entire summer without water but it can also tolerate regular garden water which keeps the foliage nearly evergreen

- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks

- Hardy up to 0 degrees

- Attracts butterflies

-Native to California

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