Mimulus cardinalis (scarlet monkeyflower)
Mimulus cardinalis (scarlet monkeyflower)

Mimulus cardinalis (scarlet monkeyflower)


Scarlet monkeyflower

A herbacious perennial in the lopseed family. It has orange-red flowers that bloom in the spring through fall and toothed, downy leaves.  It is typically found in wetlands or moist areas.  It is a fairly large, spreading, plant that grows up to three feet wide and high.  Plant with: Seep Monkeyflower (Erythranthe guttata), Hedge Nettle (Stachy bullata), Blue Flax (Linum lewisii), Western Columbine (Aquilegia formosa), Douglas Iris (Iris douglasiana), and Stream Orchid (Epipactis gigantea).

- Plant in light shade (can take full sun but does not do as well)

- Tolerates Clay or sand texture 

- Regular water

- Attracts hummingbirds, birds, and bees

- Deer resistant

- Native to California