Malacothamnus clementinus

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San Clemente Island bushmallow

A rare species of flowering plant in the mallow family that is endemic to San Clemente Island.  The plant became a federally listed endangered species in 1977 when it was limited to a single population nearing extinction due to herbivory by the feral goats which once infested the small island.  A bushy shrub with a thin, multibranched stem coated in long, fine hairs and Pinkish-white to lavender flowers on spikes that grow early spring to most of year in mild climates.   Grows 4 feet high by 5 feet wide and can be pruned to control size and shape. Cut back in winter. Takes heavy pruning.

-Full sun, some shade

-Tolerates a wide variety, including clay and sand

-Drought tolerant

-Attracts butterflies

-California Native