Leymus condensatus 'Canyon Prince' 1 Gallon

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Canyon Prince Wild Rye

medium-sized powdery gray-blue rhizomatous evergreen grass (new foliage emerges green) grows 2-3 feet tall in a drier location, larger, up to 5 feet tall, if given regular watering. The erect flower stalks rise 1-2 feet above the foliage in late summer and are topped with tightly congested clusters of spikes of wheat-colored flowers. Plant in full sun to light shade but color is best in the sun. It is drought resistant but looks better with occasional irrigation along the coast and needs it in inland and desert gardens. This grass has proven hardy to below 10 degrees F 

Easy to grow, tolerates all but soggy soils & extreme drought

intensity of blue foliage deepens with increasing light, place it in full sun to enhance this key attribute

cut thr foliage back to the ground between late summer  and early winter when clumps becomes lax Or build up dead  leaves