Leucadendron 'Safari Goldstrike'

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Yellow Conebush

evergreen shrub

full sun, low water

yellow flowers (spring)

4-6' tall x 4-6' wide

- This is a vigorous, compact grower to 6 feet tall. The "flowers" are composed of bright clean yellow bracts that surround the central female cone on vigorous long stems during winter and spring. Likened to a yellow version of the popular 'Safari Sunset' although a smaller grower. Has medium frost tolerance - hardy to 20-25° F. This is an excellent candidate for cut flower and foliage harvesting. Prune well after flowering to ensure a sturdy plant. This plant is from Kingflora Nurseries in New Zealand were it has been protected under Plant Breeders Rights since 1997. It is a great plant with 'Safari Sunset' and is one the most popular of the yellow flowering cut flower varieties.  This description is based on our research and observations made of this plant as it grows in our nursery, in the nursery garden and in other gardens that we have visited. We will also incorporate comments received from others and always appreciate getting feedback of any kind from those who have some additional information about this plant, in particular if this information is contrary to what we have written or if they have additional cultural tips that would aid others in growing Leucadendron 'Safari Goldstrike'.