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Keckiella cordifolia, climbing penstemon

Keckiella cordifolia, climbing penstemon


Heartleaf Keckiella, Climbing penstemon

A penstemon native to the mountains of Southern California.  This fast growing climbing penstemon can reach a height of up to six feet tall and wide.  The heart shaped leaves are green and shiny.  The red flowers bloom spring through summer.  These plants are great on the bottom of slopes where they can receive natural ground water.  This plant goes semi deciduous in the summer.

Plant with: Chamise, Woolly Bluecurls, White Sage, California Buckwheat, California Coffeeberry, Toyon, Lemonade Berry, Coastal Prickly Pear Cactus, Manzanita species, Yucca spp,

- Full sun to part shade

- Adaptable to most soil types

- Drought tolerant once established

- Attracts hummingbirds, bees, birds, and butterflies

- Deer resistant

- Hardy up to -5 degrees

- Native to California