Justicia californica Tecate Gold 2G, Tecate Gold Hummingbird Bush

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Tecate Gold Chuparosa, Hummingbird bush, Chuparosa

A California Native shrub that grows up to six feet tall and wide.  It has  yellow flowers that bloom in the spring.  This shrub is deciduous in the summer.

Plant with: Desert Willow, California Fan Palm, Creosote Bush, Ocotillo, Jojoba, Blue Paloverde, White Bursage, Barrel Cactus, Brittlebush, Indigo Bush, Apricot Mallow, Opuntia spp, numerous annual wildflowers

Plant in full sun

- Best in sandy or decomposed granite fast draining soil

- Attracts birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees

- Hardy up to 25 degrees

-Native to California