Juglans californica (Northern Ca. Black Walnut)

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Juglans hindsii, the Hinds' Black Walnut, also called the Northern California Walnut, is a large tree (up to 60 feet tall) endemic to roughly circular area in California centered near Fresno and reaching the San Francisco Bay area. Some authorities (i.e. California Native Plant Society) describe this species as the subspecies Hindsii of the Southern California Black Walnut, J. californica S. Watson. This article uses the The Jepson Manual . Juglans hindsii, generally found in the northern half of the state, is a large tree 30 to 60 feet high with a single erect trunk commonly without branches for 10-40 feet. Specimens commonly reach 5-6 feet in diameter near the base of the tree. The leaf is approximately 1 foot long, with 13-21 2-5 inch leaflets with dentate margins. Unlike the Southern California Walnut, the vein angles bear tufts of hair. The nut has a smooth, brown, thick shell containing a small edible nutmeat. It is commercially important as a rootstock for English walnut orchards all over the world, both on its own and as a parent to the J. hindsii x J. regia hybrid, commonly called "Paradox." The wood of Juglans hindsii, sometimes called Claro walnut is used for furniture making and gunstocks because of its good working properties and beautiful grain patterns.
Size: 60 ft tall
Flower Color: White, Green
Flowering Season: Spring