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plant material shot
Heuchera ‘Opal’
plant material shot

Heuchera ‘Opal’


Alum Root Hybrid

 An evergreen perennial that grows up to two feet high and two feet wide.  It has white flowers that bloom in the spring.  

You can deadhead flowers in late fall if the plant is small.  It is best to cut tall stems back hard and deadhead flowers on large plants in late fall.  This plant is susceptible to Strawberry root weevil, the larvae of the insect feed on the plant’s root system.  The plant will loose vigor and decrease in size.  Rust is also a pest to heucheras.  The rust is an orange patch on the underside of the leaf and the top side of the leaf will appear splotchy with dead zones.  The rust is most active in the wetter cooler seasons.  When you notice rust remove and destroy foliage.

- Plant in full sun to light shade

- Moist to dry soil

- Attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds

- Hardy up to 10 degrees

- Deer resistant

- Native to California