Frankenia salina, Alkali Heath

Frankenia salina, Alkali Heath

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Alkali Heath, Alkali Seaheath

A California Native that is found on the coast, mountains, central valley, and in wetland areas.  A ground cover that grows up to one foot high.  Pink and white flowers bloom in the spring through fall.  Semi summer deciduous.  

Has the ability to excrete salt and has adapted to live in saline environments. Fresh water is fine too!

Plant with: Salt Grass (Distichlis spicata), Yellow Monkeyflower (Mimulus guttatus), Sedge (Carex sp.), Rush (Juncus sp.), Willow (Salix sp.), and Alkali Weed (Cressa truxillensis)

- Moderate to high water needs

- Full sun to part shade

- Attracts butterflies

- California Native