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Frangula californica (coffeeberry)
plant material shot

Frangula californica (coffeeberry)


 California native Coffeeberry (previously classified as Rhamnus californica)

An evergreen shrub that grows up to eight feet high and ten feet wide.  It can be pruned to maintain a smaller shape.  It has fragrant green yellow blossoms that bloom in the spring and summer.  In the fall this shrub has red berries, which can be toxic.

You can lightly pinch or prune at any time.  Can be sheared in spring for a formal hedge or screen.  

Plant in full sun or shade

- Tolerant of most soils, best in heavy clay

- Water once a month, especially during summer

- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks

- Drought tolerant

- Hardy to 5 degrees

- Native to California

- Butterfly + pollinator attractor!