Eriogonum latifolium

Eriogonum latifolium


Seaside buckwheat, Coast buckwheat, Wild Buckwheat

An easy and fast growing evergreen shrub grows that can grow up to two feet high and three feet wide.  It has green leaves with red tips and pink flower clusters that bloom in the summer and fall.  It is semi deciduous in the summer.  This shrub is great for ground covers or bank stabilization.

Plant with: Sand Verbena (Abronia species), Pt. Reyes Ceanothus (Ceanothus gloriosus), Twinberry (Lonicera involucrata), Lupine (Lupinus species), Bluff Lettuce (Dudleya farinosa), Coast Silktassel (Garrya elliptica), Yellow Stonecrop (Sedum spathulifolium), and Dune Manzanita (Arctostaphylos pumila).

Plant in full sun or part shade

- Best in fast or medium draining sandy or rocky soil

- Water once a month once established

- Drought tolerant

- Hardy up to -10 degrees

- Attracts birds, bees, and butterflies

-Native to California