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plant material shot
plant material shot
Eriogonum giganteum 'St. Catherines Lace' Buckwheat

Eriogonum giganteum 'St. Catherines Lace' Buckwheat


St. Catherines Lace

Fast growing medium shrub that can reach up to five feet in high and ten feet wide.  It has light gray foliage with pinkish-white flower clusters in summer that turn to rust red into the fall and winter.  This plant is great for slopes. Great for habitat gardens and a favorite at Plant Material.  It is semi deciduous in the winter.

Dead head in late summer/ early fall after flowers have run their course.  Pinch when young to promote fuller growth habit and better branching structure.  

Plant with: Trees - Island Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp. asplenifolius), Island Cherry (Prunus ilicifolia ssp. lyonii), Island Oak (Quercus tomentella).  Shrubs and herbs - Island Ceanothus (Ceanothus arboreus), California Encelia (Encelia californica), Island Alumroot (Heuchera maxima), Santa Rosa Island Sage (Salvia brandegeei), Manzanita (Arctostaphylos species), Dudleya speciesYucca species

- Plant in full sun

- Clay and alkaline soil

- Moist to dry soil

- Hardy up to 15 degrees

- Deer resistant

- Attracts birds, bees, and butterflies

- Native to California