Eriogonum fas. 'Daddaroo'
Eriogonum fas. 'Daddaroo'
Eriogonum fas. 'Daddaroo'
Eriogonum fas. 'Daddaroo'

Eriogonum fas. 'Daddaroo'

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California Buckwheat

Local selection from a hillside in Altadena.

This spreading shrub grows up to six feet tall and three feet wide.  California Buckwheats are tough and easy to grow, even in very dry conditions.  It can handle hard pruning, taller varieties even into edged/hedged plantings.  Pair with Brittlebush (Encelia species), Sagebrush (Artemisia species), Sage (Salvia species), Manzanita (Arctostaphylos species), Ceanothus speciesYucca speciesDudleya species, and cactus species.  It has pink to white and cream-colored flowers as early as March that dry to a pretty red rust color as the soil dries. It sheds its dried flowers and a significant portion of its small blade-like leaves each dry season, and is an important plant for creating natural mulch. California Buckwheat is a keystone species for sagebrush scrub ecosystems, and a great choice for wildlife and butterfly gardens. 

Plant in full sun 

- Best in well-drained and loamy soils

- Drought tolerant

- Attracts bees, birds, and butterflies

- Deer resistant

- Hardy up to 15 degrees

-Native to California