Dudleya pulverulenta
Dudleya pulverulenta

Dudleya pulverulenta


Chalk Dudleya, chalk liveforever, chalk lettuce

A succulent that can grow up to one foot high and wide.  The red, orange, and pink flowers are tubular bloom in the spring and summer.  Hummingbirds love this species of dudleya.  

Plant with: Chamise, California EnceliaCalifornia Buckwheat, Pink Honeysuckle, Wild Hyacinth, Oaks, native grasses, Yucca spp, various cactus species

- Full sun or part shade

- Well drained soil

- Plant in containers or in the ground 

- Avoid summer watering

- Attracts birds, butterflies and hummingbirds

- Deer resistant

- Hardy up to 20 degrees

- Native to California