Dudleya Brittonii

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Giant Chalk Dudleya

California Native

solitary or low slowly-clumping succulent with a beautiful 12 to 18 inch wide rosette of chalky-white leaves surrounding a thick basal stem. Stout silvery-white 1 to 2 foot long spikes arch upward and blush red as the clusters of yellow flowers begin to open in late spring to early summer. Plant in a well-drained soil in full sun along the coast but looks best with part sun in hotter inland locations. This plant can tolerate garden conditions better than the similar looking Dudleya pulverulenta but it is still best if one keeps this plant dry in summer months and particularly avoid overhead irrigation during this time – this plant tolerates going without irrigation in summer in coastal gardens but can look better with a careful infrequent watering below the foliage

Hardy to 15 degrees F. Deer resistant