Down to Earth Vegetable Garden Fertilizer 4-6-2

Down to Earth Vegetable Garden Fertilizer 4-6-2

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This starter and transplant formula is the perfect way to get your delicate young starts and new seedlings in the ground and ready to thrive. In addition to essential primary and secondary plant nutrients Down to Earth has added a diverse mix of beneficial soil microorganisms to ensure successful planting, expansive root development and vigorous early season growth.

Down To Earth™ All Purpose 4-6-2 mix is ideal for all types of transplants. A gentle, non-burning fertilizer made for vegetables, herbs, flowers and container plants, it is formulated with top-quality organic ingredients and designed to deliver a steady supply of essential nutrients to your plants while enhancing soil fertility and microbial activity naturally.

Use Instructions: Vegetable Gardens: To prepare new gardens, apply ½ cup per square foot and thoroughly mix into the top 3 of soil. For new transplants, add 1-2 tbsp. per hole, mix into soil and water in well. To feed established plants, side dress 2-4 tbsp. per plant, depending on plant size and desired growth rate, twice each month during the growing season. Outdoor Containers: For new plantings, add 2 tbsp. per gallon of soil and mix thoroughly. To feed established plants, lightly mix 1-2 tbsp. per gallon into the soil surface twice each month during the growing season.

Storage Instructions: Store in a dry area.

Ingredients: Alfalfa Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Bat Guano, Feather Meal, Langbeinite, Oyster Shell, Greensand, AZOMITE, Kelp Meal, Mycorrhizal Fungi and Beneficial Bacteria.  


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