Dan Toy BioPlastic Dumptruck

Dan Toy BioPlastic Dumptruck

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Dan Toy BioPlastic Dumptruck

• IMAGINATIVE PLAY - Eco-friendly tractor toy with scoop loader for hours of fun playing from bulldozer games to farm transport
• FUN IN THE SAND - Digger vehicle ideal for your toddler's construction play in the sandpit or indoors
• 100% SUSTAINABLE - BIOTOYs made with sugarcane, a sustainable plant that reduces carbon emissions
• STRONG and DURABLE - BIOplastic is 100% RECYCLABLE but is still designed for durable, long lasting play
• MADE IN DENMARK - Designers and manufacturers of high-quality toys in Denmark for more than 5 decades
• Dishwasher Safe!

 Dishwasher safe

Child Development Skills:

Helps develop and improve children’s fine motor skills

Encourages pretend play and imaginative play

Helps develop and improve hand-eye coordination skills

 More about Dantoys BIOplastic toys

Made from sugarcane - Dantoys BIOplastic toys are made from sugarcane. The consumption of sugarcane does not go beyond nature and the environment and at the same time, the sugarcane helps absorb CO2 emissions from our air.

90% BIO based - The minimum BIO based content the BIOplastic toys are between 90 and 94.5% according to the ASTM D6866 certification.

100% recyclable - Dantoys BIOplastic toys are 100% recyclable when the toy is no longer required and discarded.

100% renewable raw material - Sugarcane is a renewable crop that can be used as a pure energy source and as a raw material for the production of different products.

Colours of the future - Dantoys BIOplastic toys are designed in beautiful pastel colours

Eco-friendly toys are environmentally safe because the materials used to create the toys are natural, biodegradable and also recyclable

BIOplastic toys can handle minus degrees

BIOplastic toys are approved for contact with food

Suitable from 2 Years +