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Cneoridium dumosum (bushrue)
Cneoridium dumosum (bushrue)

Cneoridium dumosum (bushrue)


Bush rue

A tought and easy to grow California native aromatic shrub.  It is a monotypic genus in the citrus family.   This shrub can reach up to five feet tall and wide.  Fragrant white and yellow flowers bloom winter through spring.  It is semi-deciduous in the summer.  It is native to Southern and Baja California.  This shrub is best used for bank stabilization and ground covers. 

Plant with: Torrey PineDel Mar Manzanita, Summer Holly, San Diego Sage, Encinitas BaccharisDel Mar Mesa Sand Aster, Nuttall's Scrub Oak

Plant in full sun 

- Best in fast and medium draining soil

- Never irrigate once established

- Drought tolerant

- Attracts birds and bees

 - Hardy up to 0 degrees

- Native to California