Clinopodium (Satureja) chandleri (shrubby yerba buena / san miguel savory)

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Rare native perennial herb in the Lamiaceae (Mint) family that grows in Southern California and northern Baja, primarily in the Peninsular Range region. It tends to grow in rocky slopes, at elevations of 1,700-2,300 feet. It was formerly classified in the genus Satureja, and some sources still refer to it by that name.

It is a low-growing, fragrant, spreading herb that prefers regular water and some shade. It is well suited for containers. Although it is native to mountain areas, it can be grown near the coast.

The southern San Miguel Savory, or Shrubby Yerba Buena  (Clinopodium chandleri, formerly Satureja chandleri) is found in Southern California and Baja.  It has a federal "rare and endangered" designation.  Whatever you call it, this is one native that you can feel good about spreading!  It creeps too, but reaches up a little further when happy. Its leaves are less smooth, and more deeply veined, than its northern brother.