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Clematis lasiantha, Chaparral clematis

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Pipestem Clematis and Chaparral Clematis.

A semi summer deciduous California Native vine that can reach up to 15 feet.    Fragrant white flowers bloom spring through summer.  This is a great plant to put under an oak.  It had vigorous twisting  stems that can sometimes be difficult to prune or maintain.  The stems produce fast growing horizontal stems that climb through chain link fences and through plants and that spread on through the surface of soil.  This plant should not be over pruned because the plant blooms on the prior years growth every spring.

-Full sun, Prefers part shade, but will tolerate full shade though grow more slowly  

-Plant in rocky well draining soil

-Tolerates watering in summer one time a month

- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks

- Great companion plant under evergreen oaks

-Drought tolerant

- Attracts butterflies, birds, and bees

- Native to California