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Ceanothus arboreus
Ceanothus arboreus
Ceanothus arboreus

Ceanothus arboreus


Island Ceanothus

A fast growing California Native shrub  that can reach up to thirty feet tall and ten feet wide.  Fragrant blue flowers bloom in the winter and spring.  

Pinch and lightly prune in spring after flowering. You can remove flower clusters right after blooming to encourage a denser growth habit.   If given too much water it will be short lived.  You shouldn’t cut into any new growth that is larger around than a pencil.  Larger cuts heal slowly and become infected with apricot dieback fungus, fungal spores are spread by rain.  

Ceanothus are susceptible to aphids, white flies and a stem gall.  

Plant with: 

other island plants such as Catalina Cherry (Prunus ilicifolia ssp. lyonii), Island Mallow (Malva assurgentiflora), Island Live Oak (Quercus tomentella), and Island Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp. aspleniifolius)

- Full sun

- Best in well drained soil

- Attracts birds, butterflies, and bees

- Hardy up to 15 degrees

- Native to California