Calystegia macrostegia, morning glory

Calystegia macrostegia, morning glory

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Island Morning Glory

A semi deciduous vine that grows up to 30 tall and one foot wide.  It has a long stem and pink and white flowers in the shape of trumpets that bloom in late spring or early summer.  The vine grows quickly and is ideal for covering fences and walls.  Prune in the winter when the plant is dormant.  Lightly prune after the first wave of flowers.  You can prune any unwanted sprawling stems.  

Plant with: Island companion plants include Santa Cruz Island Ironwood (Lyonothamnus floribundus ssp. asplenifolius), Island Live Oak (Quercus tometella), Catalina Cherry (Prunus ilicifolia ssp. lyonii), Island Bristleweed(Hazardia detonsa), Redflower Buckwheat (Eriogonum grande var. rubescens), Island Snapdragon (Gambelia speciosa), and Giant Coreopsis (Leptosyne gigantea). Other chaparral and sage scrub companions include California Encelia (Encelia californica), California Sagebrush (Artemisia californica), Bladderpod (Peritoma arborea), and Ceanothus spp.

- Plant in full sun

- Best in sandy or rocky soil

- Water twice a month after the first year

- Drought tolerant once established

- Attracts birds, hummingbirds, bees and butterflies

- Hardy up to 10 degrees

- Native to California