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Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston Fern)

Nephrolepis exaltata (Boston Fern)


Boston Fern

This is a type of sword fern that is from forests and swamps.  The arching fronds are a mutation from sword ferns.  Boston Ferns received their name from either being on a ship full of ferns that was sent to Boston or a nursery in Florida that sent ferns to their friends in Boston.  

- Best in indirect light

- Best in moist soil.  Soak the pot once a month to ensure the peat moss is hydrated because this plant thrives in soils that are high in peat moss.

- This plant likes high humidity- you can place the pot on a tray with pebbles filled with water.  You can also lightly mis the fern once a week.  The fronds will turn yellow if the humidity is not high enough.