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Artemisia ludoviciana, Silver wormwood

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Silver wormwood, white sagebrush, and gray sagewort

 A California native perennial herb that can reach a height of up to three feet tall.  The foliage is a silver gray.  White flowers bloom in the summer through fall.  This plant produces a pollen that can produce an allergic reaction.

It is best to prune after the plant flowers in the fall or early winter.  The plant might not resprout if it is cut back to old wood and it is not recommended.  You should cut back any stem that has leaves and buds.  You can also pinch and light heading back anytime.

An easy California Native to grow in the Los Angeles area.   For more recommendations visit our Easiest California Native Plants to grow in your garden guide. 

Plant in full sun

- Sand soil texture

- Water once a month after the first year

- Attracts butterflies and birds

- Drought tolerant

Deciduous in the summer

- Hardy up to 20 degrees

- Native to California