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Artemisia douglasiana (Mugwort)

Artemisia douglasiana (Mugwort)


California Mugwort, Douglas' Sagewort, or Dreamplant

Tongva - kwiash

Chumash - molush

A dicot perennial herb that grows eight feet high by four feet wide.  The leaves are green in the spring then they turn gray as temperatures increase.  Mugwort is reputed to have aphrodisiac properties.   Teas made from the leaves are anti-fungal and anti-microbial.  This plant should be cut to the ground annually in November through early January.  The plant will spread vigorously underground and forms large colonies.

-Prefers Full sun, but tolerates part sun and full shade

- Water moderately- one time a month after the first year

-Grows in sandy and clay soils

-Hardy to 0 degrees

- Attracts butterflies and birds - Lazuli likes to nest and other small birds

- Deer resistant

-Prune in late fall

-California Native