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Artemisia californica 'Montara'
Artemisia californica 'Montara'

Artemisia californica 'Montara'


Montara Sagebrush

A native California ground cover from Montara Mountain in San Francisco.  It is a fast growing shrub that can reach up to two feet tall and six feet wide.  It is deciduous in the summer.  

Plant with: Black Sage, White Sage, California Encelia, Chamise, Coyote Brush, California Buckwheat, Sticky Monkeyflower, Woolly Bluecurls, Scrub Oaks, Toyon, Lemonadeberry, Yucca spp, various cactus species

- Plant in full sun or part shade

- Best in well drained soils

- Water one to two times per summer once established

- Drought tolerant

- Deer resistant

- Hardy up to 15 degrees

- Attracts birds and butterflies

- California Native