Adenostoma fasciculatum (Chamise)

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Chamise, Greasewood 

Member of the Rose family, is a flowering plant native to California and northern Baja California.This shrub is one of the most widespread plants of the chaparral biome, sometimes forming monotypic stands. It is an evergreen shrub growing to four meters tall, with dry-looking stick-like branches.

- Plant in full sun

- Very low water needs, max twice a month once established

Tolerant of sand and clay. Soil PH: 5.0 - 8.0

- Drainage fast, medium, slow

- Hardy up to 15 degrees

- Native to California and Northern Baja California

- Caution flammable, leaves are shiny with flammable oils, especially in warmer weather. It is said to be highly flammable but can be kept fire-resistant by occasional watering.