Acalypha californica (California copperleaf)

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California copperleaf

A member of the chaparral plant community and most often grows in crumbling granite rocks, ledges and cliff faces, though it occasionally grows in sand washes. The plant bears beautiful light green serrated leaves with wavy hairy edges. Younger leaves tend to have pink or red edges and older leaves turn pinkish or copper-colored in summer months. Stems are white, pink or red. Flowers appear as bumpy pinkish red spikes, sometimes with white speckles, growing out from the base of the leaf stems. It typically grows in a rounded mounding form and grows up to three feet high by five feet wide.

- Plant in full sun

- Irrigate occasionally to infrequently- maximum one time a month in the summer once established

- Hardy up to 30 degrees

- Native to Southern California