700 Series Polyurethane Soaker Hose (1/2")

700 Series Polyurethane Soaker Hose (1/2")

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It's non-toxic, includes lead free fittings, doesn't crack over time, has a phenomenal bend radius, does not leave your hands black like many other soakers, and is covered in a soft microcellular polyurethane foam for optimum weeping properties.

Water Right Polyurethane Soaker Hose is everything you've ever wanted in a soaker: precisely controlled water delivery, consistent water weep from end to end, great flexibility without hose kink, superb lay-flat properties, easy maneuvering, slow root-zone watering. Combine that with a super earthy matte finish that virtually disappears in any landscape and you have a garden hose game changer by Water Right. 

Key Features

  • Non Toxic: lead- phthalate- and bpa-free
  • FDA grade non-leaching polyurethane
  • Lay flat hose: flexible, lies flat, easily positioned, very slim and lightweight
  • UV, Ozone resistant
  • All weather performance.
  • Weeps and sprays delicately and uniformly (For maximum weep reduce pressure to 5 PSI.  For maximum spray and weep - crank it open!
  • Non marring, no hand residue
  • Naturally Anti Microbial - No Additives
  • Makes organic gardens truly organic

5 year warranty on materials and workmanship

Also available in bulk with no fittings so you can cut to length and add your own fittings.


Water Right’s signature soaker hose finish is down to earth. It has an elegant, slightly fuzzy matte finish that is uniform in size and porosity, and was designed with colors that you would find in any landscape.


The fibrous interlocking nature of open cell polyurethane makes it an excellent choice for water conservation.