Trichilia emetica 'Natal Mahogany'

Trichilia emetica 'Natal Mahogany'

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'Natal Mahogany'

Mahogany leaves are oval or feather shaped, and are clusters on each stem usually in groups of 7. The leaves are thin and flexible. The dense foliage covers dark woody trunks & stems. Interior Mahogany are usually composed of several small Mahogany plants potted together in in one large grow pot to form a lush interior tree.

requires frequent water checks, and is a plant that will not recover from a skipped watering that leads to over drying

Best results for overall health will be had by placing Mahogany in a space where light is able to reach all areas of the plants foliage.

The Mahogany has many options for placement especially in moderate lower light conditions, and conditions that have only artificial lighting available. Their dark green leaf pigments make the plant shade hardy which translates well indoors. Even in odd dark spaces the Mahogany can do very well if provided with a central grow light, or some sort of artificial light.

Check this plants moisture at least once a week. Once a week should be sufficient however if your plant is new it is a good idea to check it a couple times a week while the plant is acclimating to it's new environment. 

Sweet scented flowers attracts birds and bees.