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Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher
Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher

Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher


If you've ever seen sunlight reflected in a drop of morning dew, you know exactly how beautiful it can be. That tiny droplet acts like a prism, transforming the sunlight into a stunning rainbow. Wouldn't you like to see that everyday?

At Rainbow Symphony, we want our customers to see bright and beautiful things all the time. That's why we offer gorgeous prismatic decor, like our rainbow crystal suncatchers. This window decoration can turn any room into a dazzling spectacle.

The Combined Beauty of Crystals and Sunshine

Creating an awe-inspiring light display is as easy as hanging your crystal suncatcher in a window with direct sunlight. The holographic crystal pattern in this suncatcher will transform any light that goes through it into a spectrum of beautiful colors.

This prismatic decoration makes an excellent addition to any room that needs a little magic. Hang it up in your kitchen, home office, or even your child's bedroom and you'll get a strikingly beautiful light display every single day.

Our product has a 4” diameter and is made of a laminated glass prism mounted in a silver finished chrome frame. It has a vinyl rubber suction cup to make hanging your suncatcher easy.