California Native Grass Mix Seed Pack

California Native Grass Mix Seed Pack

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Seed pack contains 4 Ounces of seeds.  

Sow seeds by hand.  Scatter the seeds and lightly rake after the seeds have been scattered.  You can also mix the seeds with sand and scatter the seeds.  Keep the soil moist after scattering seeds. Suggested seeding rate is 4oz to 100 sq. ft. 

A mixture of native California grasses that is easy to grow and exhibits a fine texture. The grasses in this mix include the official state grass of California, Purple Needlegrass (Nasella pulchra). If left unmowed the grasses develop into a mature stand with beautiful seed heads, some in purple colors. When mowed, the grasses produce a fine bladed turf that is resistant to moderate traffic.  Can be grown as a low maintenance turf for lawns or as a ground cover on flat or sloped areas for erosion control.  The native grasses in this mixture are the same as those used in the native meadow lawn at the Santa Barbara Botanical Garden.  

Germination in 14-21 days with establishment in 10-12 weeks under temperatures ranging between 68-86 degrees.

Grasses in packet: 

Festuca rubra ‘Molate’ / Molate Strain

Festuca occidentalis ‘Mokelumne /  Western Mokelumme Fescue

Festuca idahoensis / Idaho Fescue

Plant in full sun to light shade

- Irrigate two to three times in summer, less frequently in cool seasons

- Native to California

New packaging: 

This is packaged in a compostable bag - vegan, non-GMO, and are not made with corn-based PLA. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as bisphenol (including BPA and over a dozen other derivatives), PFAS, or phthalates.