Achillea millifolium, White Yarrow Seed Pack

Achillea millifolium, White Yarrow Seed Pack


Seed pack contains 8 grams of White Yarrow seeds.  

Seeds will germinate in 10-14 days under temperatures ranging between 68-86 degrees, it will take longer to establish seeds under cooler temperatures. Yarrow seeds are small. For best results mix seed with sand before spreading for even distribution. Press seed into soil but do not cover. This evergreen perennial is one of the largest yarrows, with broad, white flower clusters reaching up to four feet high.  White Yarrow can be grown for an alternative to grass, turf, and is used as a ground cover.

Plant in full sun to light shade

- Irrigate occasionally to infrequently

- Drought tolerant once established

- Clay, loam, or sand texture dirt and requires good drainage

- Hardy to 0 degrees

- Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

- Deer resistant

- Fire and heat resistant 

- Native to California