Momentary Chapel for Insect Loss

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Sound bath and temporary public space for reflection on insect population collapse. 

Oct. 5th 2019 from 6:30PM to 9PM

Sound Bath at 8

Presented by Michelle Shofet and Larissa Belcic, Nocturnal Medicine explores issues around climatic and ecological change. With these changes comes immense implications for the ways we construct our lives, homes and values. Facing these shifts can bring up a complex array of emotional responses—a murky cocktail of denial, grief, fatigue, anger, catharsis, emptiness, urgency, hope. In our era of ecological grief, we are encountering losses of a kind and scale not before experienced. The Momentary Chapel was designed to connect people with the issue of insect population collapse through experience and atmosphere.

"Working through the emotions that arise regarding climate, ecological change and loss is a necessary part of living through and addressing these challenges. But because these are new realities never before faced, we don't have designated spaces in our culture for the contemplation and sharing of ecological feelings. So the chapel's aim is to create space for these feelings, in this case surrounding insect extinction." - Michelle Shofet 

Join us at Plant Material from 6:30 to 9:00 PM on Saturday Oct. 5th. 

Also our friends from Buzzed Honeys who rescue feral bees in the neighborhood will have local urban honey to taste. 





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