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Chris Kallmyer Studio  Wind Chime
Chris Kallmyer Studio  Wind Chime
Chris Kallmyer Studio  Wind Chime
Chris Kallmyer Studio  Wind Chime

Chris Kallmyer Studio Wind Chime

Chris Kallmyer Studio is a multi-disciplinary workshop that works across music, art, and design. The work is driven by Kallmyer’s interest in the perception of community, listening, landscape, and embodied experience. The studio frequently collaborates with museums and symphonies to create interventions that confront pressing issues of institutional reform through the experience of sound in situ. This means that the work can take on many forms including installations, public artwork, curatorial projects, improvisations, publications, workshops and performances.
While I was at CalArts, I spent time studying intonation - literally studying tuning and alternative systems of tuning instruments going back to the greeks - like Pythagoras! After leaving CalArts, I went on to create custom sets of microtonal chimes used in performances and public workshops for the Getty Villa, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. These chimes were like hand bells - communal bell ringing for groups of performers. However, during the pandemic, I found myself without public work and decided this winter to hang some of these chimes to catch the wind. These went on to be featured in the NY Times and the New Yorker Magazine.  From what I know, these are unique chimes, as they are made by someone who composes music and makes immersive installations. I think they are like a musical piece for your back yard and can help transform a space and make it more serene. 
About the Chimes: 
Made in El Sereno, at Chris' workshop in the foothills of Los Angeles. The chimes are made from hand-cut aluminum and resonate with 5 dreamy tones that ring for a very long time. All wood components are made from FSC-Certified California redwood, or locally harvested redwood milled by Angel City Lumber.
Assembled with UV-resistant string and rust-resistant parts.Safe to hang outdoors and finished with sustainable plant-based wood finish, Penofin Verde. You can allow the redwood to grey naturally or reapply Penofin every 9-12 months. 
Please bring inside in extreme weather.
These wind chimes are available to order online and pick up at our retail location.  We are not offering shipping at this time.