Rhus integrifolia, 1 Gallon

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Lemonade Berry 

an evergreen shrub, small tree to 8' inland, 2' tall in view of ocean

10- 30 feet tall

California Native, from about Santa Barbara south

not super at dealing with ground frost.

Leaves are toothed with a waxy appearance above and a paler tone below. The flowers which appear from February to May are small, sticky and clustered closely together. The fruit is dark red, block-shaped and sticky, and has a tart flavor which gives the plant it's name. Lemonade Berry is an important wildlife plant. The berries are a significant food source for birds and small mammals, and the thick sprawling form provides excellent animal shelter.

tough and easy to grow. It is very similar in appearance to Sugar Bush, though with leaves that are more rectangular and leathery. This plant is extremely drought tolerant and once established, will stay green and healthy looking year round without any supplementary summer water. It is a great plan for bank stabilization, and is fire retardant.