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Ned Kelly  x Robusta Grafted Grevillea (Short Graft)
Ned Kelly  x Robusta Grafted Grevillea (Short Graft)

Ned Kelly x Robusta Grafted Grevillea (Short Graft)


Ned Kelly x Robusta Grafted Grevillea

Grevillea Robusta have stronger deeper roots that are resistant to phytopthora.  Most of the other grevilleas have fine, shallow roots.  Too much moisture kills Grevilleas because their roots are attacked by phytopthora.  Grevillea robusta will tolerate waterlogged soil for weeks.  You can also fertilize these grevilleas, regular fertilizer is recommended for these trees.  If planted in the ground you can fertilize with an NPK fertilizer 2-3 times a year.

Grafted plants are stronger, more attractive, and much more tolerant of adverse weather/ soil conditions and preform wonderfully in containers to produce a long lived plant.  

If you choose to put the grevillea in a container it should be regularly irrigated with 20-20-20 at 100ppm.  If kept in a pot weekly watering will be sufficient.  In the winter you might be able to water every two weeks depending on the temperatures.  During the hottest days of the year you should water every four days.

Suckers should be removed below the graft.  If the suckers are kept on the graft their boogies will over take the graft.  

The trees should be pruned in August.  This will produce a fuller, tighter plant when blooming in fall.  

- Full sun

- Attracts hummingbirds, birds, and bees

- Great in containers

- Native to Australia