The Chakra Set Suncatcher

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  • 7 Decals
  • Each Rainbow Decal is 5'' X 5''
  • Comes with one decal sheets
  • Decals are printed in small batches and can come on cracked ice, spectra star, ambrosia, or radial axicon. 
  • Easy to Install
  • Removable

When placed in order, the chakra window decals help to enhance your power. Use a single Chakra to remind yourself of what you need to work the most on and channel that power! In order to create the strongest rainbows and have the best effect, the chakra set should be placed in a window with direct sunlight. This solar Chakra rainbow set is perfect for creating the right energy in any space and adding a beautiful wash of color.

Each 5” X 5” window decal is removable which makes them incredibly easy to use in any environment. Ths chakra set is available in Ambrosia Film, Radial Axicon Film, or Spectra Star Film. Whether you’re looking for a surge of power in the kitchen, office, or car, this set is exactly what you need to add color & alignment to any space.